Privacy Policy & IT Security

EskiNet Confidentiality Policy

As EskiNet Technologies, it is one of our priorities to ensure the safety of the personel data. It is our most important rule to act suitable with the legal regulation and law on protecting personel data and its safety.

Our Commitment on Protecting Data Confidentiality

It is very important to us to protect safety and privacy of your personel data. Therefore, all information gained from third parties while we are carrying out our activities has been evaluated as private information for us. Our Information Security and  Confidentiality Policy, summarized below, has been specifying how and for what reason we use theese information.

Personel Information

As long as you do not choose to give us voluntarily, (eg; thorugh registry, survey, information request form etc), EskiNet shall not collect and publish any personel information about you (ex; your name, your adress, your phone number or your e-mail adress etc) except for the ones that are allowed by law and regulation for protecting personel data without your will through our web sites.

Intended Use

We usually use your personel information for answering your questions, putting your order into process or having you access to certain information or offers.Besides, to support our customer relationship with you, to understand better your business requirements, to improve our services and products we may keep personel data, operate and share with our partners worldwide. Our Corporation (or a third part on behalf of us) may use your personel data with the purpose of understanding our customers better, making online surveys or getting in touch with you about a EskiNet offer to support your your business requirements.

Communication or Use of Data

Your communication information or use of data (eg; your IP) related your use of telecommunication service to reach our web site, (eg; begining, ending time and capacity of the every accessment, information about communication services that you accessed) are generated technically and might be associated with your personel data in a reasonable way. When needed a compeller requirement, collecting, operating and using of your communication information or usage of data will occur  and the transactions will be in accordance with applicable protecting of data confidentiality as allowed by legal perspective.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information Collected Automatically

When you access our web sites, we may  automatically collect.non-personal data (such as the Internet browser and type of operating system used, domain name of the website you came, number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed). We may use and share theese data with our partners around the world in order to monitor the attractiveness of our web sites and to improve  performance or content.


If required by applicable law, EskiNet does not collect personel information on purpose from kids without insisting about taking prior permission from their parents. As long as permitted by law, EskiNet will use or publish personel information related to a child in accordance with local laws and regulations to demand parental consent or to protect a child.


EskiNet has been using technical and organizational security measures in order to protect your personel information against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration and unauthorized disclosure or Access. Our measures with the content of both organizational, structural and technical about data safety has been ensured to the maximum extent through our QYS (Quality Management System) established in accordance with the law and international standards, ISMS (Information Security Management System) and RMS (Risk Management System)

Human Factor and Third Parties

EskiNet has also taken phisical measures in addition to the above mentioned, in order to prevent unauthorized access aganist its internal employees, third parties coming for visit and business, when storing, backing up, moving and using the data you gave us.(Eg; clean screen, clean computer and clean desk policy)

Disposal Information

EskiNet will destroy the information in case you demand, even if you have given us voluntarily. Yet, in this process, in the framework described above, the information that has already been shared with third parties is not under our responsibility.