Customer Satisfaction Management


1. Our enterprise has settled an effective interraction system that all the customers can easily forward their proposals, objections and complaints and presented this system in use actively under any circumstance.

2. Our corporate ERP system, located within the stem of this system that has been put forth in use, is our main platform in whichthe inquiries like customer requests and wishes can efficiently be forwarded to our company and handled discreetly only by administrative staff.

3. The customers receive feedback in every step in the interractions occuring with the customers, legal conditions in progress, our company ethic and commercial principles,  ethic and commercial principles well accepted globally, our foundation policies and also evaluated by the public.

4. Querries, suggestions and complaints that have not yet reach to a conclusion are used to enhance and develop our general customer satisfaction  and management policy.

5. Customer satisfaction is used as a healing impact for our companies all products and service understanding and produce solutions to serve more positive interractions.

6. Under the guidance of our company’s operations that we have provided as structural profile above, we consider the customer satisfaction issue our primary concern and we promise to handle each and every suggestion, wish, complaint, dissatisfaction, objections and needs of our customers in most transperant attitude within the range of or company’s business ethics.


Our enterprise has been structured with the concentration of customer satisfaction policy on most broad, transparent and secure enviroments. As a result of this, our enterprise is taking every single complaint, suggestion, and displeasure into consideration logging all queries to ERP system database. All entries including receipt and record processes can only be seen and evaluated by administrative personel.

1. Through web site,

Through our corporate web site, serving to our business partners and other related web platforms

2. Through email,

Through our companies mail addresses which are,

3. Through Post Mail,

A regular post mail prepared in the conventional letter format and sent to our headquarters with the “ COMPLAINT “ or “ INTERRACTION “ sign

4. Through Telephone,

Through a phone call dialed “+90.312.4790505” and a conversation made by our administrative represant

5. Through an application form filled out in our Company,

Our quality management system forms can be filled out and submitted to the administration.

6. Through social media,

Through the interactions via social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.)  operated by our personel

7. Through third party persons or representatives,

Interactions performed through assigned third party or deputy people

8. Direct Interraction,

The customer can directly contact our administration.