Quality and Process Management

From the very first day of its establisment, the logic of documant management system of its founders coming from their exprience in goverment sector, turned into quality management system by completing its paper work in 2000.  We always firstly consider our quality management system that we received in 2000 and renewed every year, on our Corporation activities. EskiNet with its all functions and operating, used Quality Management System as main principle even wheras many Corporation see it as nothing but a formality. Quality Management System that isn’t only a Management System but also a business life style, isn’t a formility for EskiNet, it is a part of the normal business flow circulation. Quality perception that takes part every step of its operating, is increasing its value in Turkey and World market. 

Our quality management system and all process taking part normal operating procedures is open to improvement and always supports quality.

Please improve and lead us.